Viveros El Repiso


Variedad Arbequina

It is a variety very extended all over Catalan region. It is a tree with crown of great volume, vigorous and productive. It has strong resistance to adverse climatic conditions, as much to the cold as to the heat. Its fruits are of small caliber but of very good quality. Appropriate for the harvesting with vibrator. Its greasy yield is of 23%.

Agrarian and Comercials Considerations

  • It is the most important variety of Catalonia, also is spread in Aragón, Andalusia and outside Spain in Argentina.

  • Variety considered rustic by its resistance to the cold and its tolerance to the salinity.

  • Its capacity of rooting is elevated, its entrance in production is precocious.

  • Its time of flowering is average.

  • Its fruits have a force of average resistance. He is appreciable by his high and constant productivity, the quality of his oil is excellent, mainly by his organolépticas characteristics.

  • Its reduced vigor allows its use in intensive and superintensive plantations (espalier).


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